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I''m a new game developer, and I''m here to discuss about the philosophy of creating games.I''m not posting this as advice for the newbies like me, but as a request of advice to the older guys in the bussines. First of all, I got here because I saw a post on the flipcode forum that was taken from some spanish/portuguese/don''t care site, and that was an e-mail sent from an old game programmer to a newbie.If I could e-mail that man, I''d have a truckload of thanks to give away.From what I know, that old programmer''s signature was 2600, he was talking about arcade games, and the TRUE usage of system resources.One of the examples given was that some man built a game on an old really slow machine, and that ran like it truly should.The newbie mentioned the reason for his e-mail, the post on gamedev.net. So here I am. One more thing, I''m not a programmer, I''m just the guy with the ideas.A wannabe designer, if you want.And I also know a little 3D modelling right now. One year ago I wanted to write articles about gaming and games at a local magazine, Game Over.They stopped publishing because of money problems, so I thought I''d move on to building games.I had no experience, just ideas.I tried to get myself a place at software companies that were already planning/developing games, I got kicked out from each one because frankly I knew nothing about programming or 3DS Max, Photoshop and such.I started my own, and found some really good people as a crew.So now we already have a scenario, a list of vehicles, a game concept, sketches made on paper, etc. I thought we should finish the game first, build a demo out of it and upload it somewhere.Until then, only pics and such.questions raised by friends: "Who will build your graphical engine?"(hope that''s a good excuse for a translation, feel free to correct my mistakes), "Who will distribute your game?", "Who will build the multiplayer part?", "Who will build the sound part?", and these are only a few. To my luck, the people that accepted no payment for pure hard work in hope that someday there will be a box with EraseReality written on it are on the good way to becoming professionals.I realised that after reading stuff like that e-mail I mentioned earlier.The problems we ran into aren''t the same old things like "they just can''t get along", or "they fight often".As a wannabe future manager, I think I did a good job putting them together to work as a whole.This requires(as far as I''ve seen) a lot of patience and understanding each other''s needs and personality. The developing part really gets depressing when someone asks for screenshots.It''s like everyone but the developer is retarded and doesn''t know that if you''re trying to build an engine from scratch, it takes a lot of time, coffee, internet, and killed neurons to complete it. I should be here to ask for help from a little more experienced programmers.Well here I go. We''re building an "outdoor" game, tanks and such.buMpy, the man behind the graph engine, said he''ll use "oak trees"(he never spelt it, so I could be very wrong here ).At some points in the game, and in multiplayer, you get to enter buildings.For that part, he said he''d use bsp.He read and understood the Quake and Quake 3 sources.Right now he''s stuck with creating the outdoor level editor.I can''t be more precise, because I told you, I know nothing about programming.I just understand a few things here and there.So, I''ll just leave his e-mail hoping that someone will have pity and write an e-mail. To that or those individuals, I present my most sincere gratitude. His e-mail is csterea@yahoo.com I''ll also let him know about this forum and recommend to sign up but he doesn''t like chatting, forums and, to put it another way, babbling on systems. Thanks again for wasting your time with reading this "we wanna build games but we have no actual idea of what it''s like" story. SubZero http://www.erasereality.f2s.com

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Try printing tut''s on BSP, Octtrees and Quadtrees for him. There are some on this site and loads over the net (big subject).

And.....Good Luck with the game.


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