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What do you think is the best overall platform for programming and why: Windows 2000 Pro, or Windows XP Corporate Edition? Thanks. *====================* http://www.syntasoft.com *=======================*

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Uhh... Linux, because it wont crash, its free, and all the development tools are free. Plus it can cross-compile for windows. Flame away.

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LINUX Micro$hit Sucks Ass!!!! =)

na now being serious.... although I''m defanetly bias... I''m also realistic... right now if your serious about writing games for money... then I''d go with some Windows Version... thats where the big market is... linux is realy catching on now... but its still mostly confined to corp. servers... not to many games played on them =)... maybe in a few years linux could be a real alternative for games but like I said right now its only used by servers and hardcore computer nerds =)

Wink2k or XP? hard to say realy... I''ve only had a little experience with XP so... 2K is actualy fairly stable =)... XP is basicaly 2K with a facelift =) so its mostly the same... but like I was saying go with what you plan on releasing your game on (or at least where you expect the most sells to come from) scence 2K is mostly for enterpirse go with XP its the new kid on the block... and everyone is going to him... so... XP in my opinion.... is your a brainwashed Bill goupie =)

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