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Galaxy Unlimited

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I''m developing a game called Galaxy Unlimited. It''s free for everyone and i''m spending all my free time developing it. in case you guys wanne know more : # The forum is here # The Website is gonne be here :

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About the game :

It's a space game,.. you can trade and buy ships form alliences get into dirty deals. become a political mastermind. basicly whatever you want
It's genre is MMORPG which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Game. it's played online in a galaxy, the game basicly has no end other then you dying complety. The game uses a distrubuted network setup for the servers.
Server and client software are freely downloadable.

Read the FAQ on the forum if you are interested.

Why do i post here about it you might ask,
i'll explane :

It uses all images atm,.. and i'm want to continue using images, however space would look a lot cooler in 3D offcourse, so i'm looking for the following : people that would like to design spaceships for the game, or help develop the OpenGL version of space, or maybe develop some OpenGL (or regular image) bargame, which are plug-ins for the game.. sort of a mini game inside the game.

You can MSN me at
i'm also on Yahoo when i'm at home using xrmaster
i also have ICQ but don't know the number atm.
you can offcourse also mail me at : OR

Thnx for reading this info.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
"Massively Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Game"

Can I play as a slice of toast if I want?

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