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SIMD instructions in MS Visual C++

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I only have msvc 6.0 introductory offer off some book, which only has inline asm up to 486 ops. I have no desire to use a separate assembler to write whole functions but I want to use stuff like 3dNOW! and SSE. I know Watcom had functions to use MMX in c++; does msvc provide these? I hear you can get an update for msvc to let the inline assembler recognise later instruction sets but apparently this isn''t available to the introductory version. So: 1)What''s the cheapest version that allows instruction set packs to be added or supports MMX,3dNOW! and SSE? 2)Are the packs to support later instruction sets free download or an upgrade to be bought? 3)Does msvc provide wrapper functions for simd at all and if so are they any good? 4)Is there one site that provides links to intel and amd instruction set docs and tutorials for all the differnt simd types? Thankyou.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
The cheapest version vould be MSVC++ 6.0 professional, if they still sell it.

The upgrade to support new instructions (up to the pentium 4) are availible for download for free att microsoft''s homepage.

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