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Orb Arena: pre-alpha demo

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Anti-gravity future sports are here! - Pseudo-3d sprite system - Mock-physics engine - Bilinear filtering - Crazy blending effects - Particle effects - Dark and intricate hand crafted graphics The homepage.. http://nextscripts.gzo.com/orbarena/ .. contains all of 1 screenshot.. don't wear it out.. We've decided to throw out an early demo, mainly just to get some support as new authors, get some people into regular testing and get the gameplay sorted. http://nextscripts.gzo.com/orbarena/orb.exe Download it now! Edited by - JimShandy on February 22, 2002 11:31:28 AM

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Hey, the game is pretty good!
I like it. It''s rather addicting.
The problems I found are:

Takes longer to load as the res goes up.
Gave up waiting for it at 1280x1024x32

Other than that and what''s in the bug list, it''s nice.
Maybe a menu, options, music and so on but I''m sure you''re planning all that. =)

- Mike

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Yeah, the game scales the graphics to the resolution, coupled with that, it has to run length encode some of backgrounds and walls and it should probably take exponentially longer to every time you crank the settings up..

I haven''t tried anything higher than 1024x768 myself.. All the graphics are mastered at this resolution.. I have no idea if the scaling works in the opposite direction..

As for menus and all the trimmings.. Definately, we want a really arcadey (is that even a word?) feel to it.. so we''ll work a lot on the interface..


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