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Terra Deux

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I''ll begin by telling you about Terra Deux which is pronouced ''Terra De-ux''. The Half-Life engine seems like a good place to start because it covers just about everything needed already from creature AI, to NPC interaction, GUI menu system, great net code and even an asortment of already exsisting entities that allows for on the spot effect creation. Here is some of the story. Not yet completely set in stone and still a work in progress but it seems to be the direction this project will take. Also the name Macabre is just a key word or ''foo'' word to be replaced by somthing better at a later time. The date will probably end up being 22 or 23 somthing. Ever since the human race had originally colonized the dry, deserted planet, people were skeptical about the actual usefulness of the place. When the decision was made to start construction of larger cities, the digging began. A year into the addition to Terra Deux Cetral Metropolis (TDCM), several workers began to report finding some odd pod like structures deep under the planet’s crusty surface, buried beneath inside large caves for what they estimated to be hundreds of thousands of years old. The pods appeared dormant, and seemed almost biomechanical in construction. Over the period of the next two years, a few of the workers began disappearing. And several charred bodies tuned up. After these discoveries were made, the Terra Deux Security Force (TDSF) stepped in and shut down all of the mining operations in that area. The decision was made to start work in the opposite direction, away from the locations where the pods were discovered. Somewhere along the chain of command, the decision was made to terminate anyone involved in the early excavation of the area on which the Central Metropolis was built. Over the years, most of the workers were all secretly assassinated, leaving very few who knew what had happened deep beneath the surface so many years ago. Three years after the end of the assassinations, seemingly randomized terrorist attacks started springing up all over the city. At first, it was only a few protestors who made outlandish claims, saying that the TDSF were murderers and that the design and construction changes of TDCM were a massive cover-up. Nobody believed their claims, brushing them off as people who had rather vivid imaginations. The attacks were only on government buildings to start with, but it didn’t take long for the targets to be attacked in their own homes and in public places. The targets were all government officials, and, upon further investigation, all had strong ties to the supposed “cover-up” of the excavation and construction of the TDCM. Forward three years. The terrorist organization has gone public, coining the name “Macabre.” Their numbers reach into the hundreds, with some joining for the freedom and some joining for the protection that the Terra Deux government doesn''t seem to want to offer the people anymore. The player will take on the role of a TDSF agent (as of yet no name) who over the course of the game will uncover what''s really going on beneith the surface. The aim for the gameplay will feature 5 different city parts each connected to a transit system to which the player uses to reach all of the different areas. 14 weapons with a ''selection'' slot which the player can use to hold special objects for activation (as in anything that is specific to a certain mission). As well as NPC interaction mostly just scripted_sequences, and sentences. Also A player voice to replace the HEV suit voice. Another goal is to have a money system, that the player can collect credits that can be used for vending machines, phone booths, transit rides etc... Anyway, I think I''ve covered enough to give a general idea as to what this project is all about. If your interested in helping out you can contact me at: fmitchell2001@rogers.com ICQ 141500622 I pretty much need every talent, programmer, modeler, 2d artist, sound engineer, voice talent and level designer, and a web designer (one reason there is no site yet).

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