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Audio in Linux

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Hi, I cant believe that my audio system is working correctly. Only one instance can play sound at a time. For example if I play music with mp3 then for example blender reports at startup: open /dev/dsp: Resource temporarily unavailable Are my audio set up correctly? I have Soltek motherboard with integrated VIA sound ac97 ships. It with every two apps. For example RealPlayer or Java-Applets hang up until I stop XMMS playing. I can''t believe it. Help

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You just touched on the Linux sound output issue,
there's a lot of differing views on how applications
should output sound.

xmms for example outputs by opening /dev/dsp.
But when any one application opens /dev/dsp
no other application can open it.

Now there are two primary work arounds for this
situation. 1. Use ALSA 2. Use a sound server.

ALSA is a sound driver that allows any application
to open via the ALSA API the DSP output and allow
multiple instances.

The sound server is one application that opens
/dev/dsp but opens a network port in which applications
that use that sound server's API can connect via
network and play sound (advantage with this is that
you can play sound to a distant machine). Such
sound servers are like ESounD and YIFF.

However the problem still goes back to applications
that directly open /dev/dsp. I believe xmms has
a plugin that allows it to use ESounD (the sound
server). Not many applications use ALSA since the
ALSA API and implmentation is still on the drawing

Edited by - learfox on February 24, 2002 6:29:05 AM

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Actually, ALSA should be having more support soon, since I read over on /. that Linus has finally merged ALSA into the kernel. Of course, this only applies to the 2.5 kernel tree so far, which isn''t for the faint-of-heart.

rm -rf /bin/laden

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I managed to get it working somehow. Sometimes I have to pause XMMS for a while to let Mozilla continue (propable on pages that has Java).

ESound,OSS,ALSA,arts,native,... huh!

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