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I''m having a lot of trouble with initilizing dx 8, and the documentation is usless, can anyone help me. most importantly what are the headers and library files i need to include.

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Clearly you haven''t tried hard enough with the documentation. I suggest taking the time to see what all the topics are. Your question is answered in the supplied docs!:

1) In the supplied documentation :

DirectX 8.1 (C++) ->
Introducing DirectX 8.1 ->
Programming DirectX with C/C++ ->
Compiling DirectX Samples and Other DirectX Applications

2) Also in the supplied documentation - when you want to use a function - for exampple IDirect3D8::CheckDepthStencilMatch,

a. go to the reference section for the component the function is from (in this case DirectX Graphics)

b. go to the interface the function is from, in this case IDirect3D8. At the bottom of the page which provides the overvies for that interface you''ll see a sub heading of "Requirements", there you''ll see "Header" and "Import Library" those are what you need to use that function.

c. alternatively go to the doc page for the function itself and you''ll also see a "Requirements" heading.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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The documentation is not that bad. Have you looked at the tutorials that come with the SDK? Most people seem to skip the SDk tutorials, I don''t know why.

There are a lot of other tutorials available on the net. Doing a Google search for Direct3D8 Tutorials, shows a LOT of hits. Additionally, if you check the Forum FAQ (the link is visible when viewing or posting messages) there are a number of sites that host tutorials. I''ve heard from reliable sources that the DrunkenHyena ones are pretty spiffy.

Stay Casual,

Drunken Hyena

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Don''t get me started on the documentation . In some places it''s just horrible not to mention wrong (in DX8.0), they fixed and made a lot of things nicer in DX8.1. (I have the D3DX classes in mind when talking about this). But something like initialization should not cause a problem unless:

1.) You don''t have vid-drivers that support DX8.1
2.) You don''t have DX8.0/8.1 installed respectively

Also can you be more specific on where it doesn''t initialize?
Some more things can be added if it fails on getting the device:

3.) Your video card doesnt support the proccessing level requested, try software proccessing
4.) Your video card does not support the depth buffer (as in the texture depth mode on the backbuffer).
5.) Your video card does not support the resolution requested.

I may have missed something but, but generally those are generally the problem that results in failure to initialize in DirectX. I doubt there is a problem with DirectX that is causing this.

Happy Coding!
Homepage: www.pcwebvia.f2s.com

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I''ve found the documentation to be better and more useful than all the tutorials I''ve come across on the net - yes, Ken, even yours (sorry). If you simply think "the documentation is useless", my initial reaction is to tell you bluntly to RTFM. Because you obviously haven''t. Every initialization tutorial I''ve seen is simply the DirectX C++ Tutorial 1 paraphrased (maybe with the code wrapped in a function). Now if you couldn'' t think to wrap the code in a function for yourself, maybe you shouldn''t be writing DX code.

Learning to acquire knowledge on your own is a programmers most critical skill. Develop it.

[ GDNet Start Here | GDNet Search Tool | GDNet FAQ | MS RTFM [MSDN] | SGI STL Docs | Google! ]
Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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