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My modeling FAQ

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Hey all, I''d just like to tell you first of all that I am mainly a programmer so my modeling skills aren''t that good (they''re better when i use glVertex3f()). But I''ve recently been wanting to get into 3D art for a little while. I''m so cheap though that Milkshape3D is too expensive for me (I might plan on getting it when I actually know some stuff on modeling). I have tried the free version of Amapi3D, Strata3Dbase, OpenFX, and Blender. I like the free version of Amapi3D the best, but I was wondering what would be best for low-poly modeling (and I hear people scream: Milkshape), but well for learning before I get good enough to take the $20 out of my wallet. Also, probably more importantly, how would I learn? I was recently looking at a 3D modeling book at the bookstore, and they had some pretty cool techniques, but how could I learn? Toy around? Buy a book? Note that I''m not talking about talent or anything, just how I could learn. Any input would be great. Thanks in advance. Ex.. ex.. excuse me.. excuse me... I didn''t... I didn''t get a piece of... I didn''t get a piece of cake I didn''t get a piece of cake

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I''m also too cheap for milkshape, i might ask my parents to buy it for my birthday. As for tutorials, I found the ones on Chumbalumsoft''s website to be useful. I used it to make 1 character model and replicas of all the Q3A weapons (in 30 days) for a game that was going to be exactly like quake 3, but 2d. It was called Rampage, and we(my friend and I) never finished it because it was our first game, and was poorly designed.

Proceeding on a brutal rampage is the obvious choice.

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