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lost hope

Mouse Pos - Not Full Screen

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Hello, For an app that I''m writing (in Windows), I need to get the mouse coord from time to time. I can do this using GetCursorPos, but then it''s always relative to the entire screen (I want to be able to give the user the option of running in fullscreen or windowed mode). This creates a bit of a problem, as I''m drawing things relative to the program''s window, and then getting the mouse coordinates relative to the whole monitor. Does anybody know a way around this? There must be a way to make this simple adjustment. Thanks =)

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Well shoot, I should have looked around a bit more before posting, as I just figured it out =) In case anybody cares:

// g_hWnd is a global variable for my window handle
// g_height is a global variable storing the current window height

POINT mouse_position;
GetCursorPos (&mouse_position);

if (g_hWnd == WindowFromPoint(mouse_position)){
RECT the_window_rect;
GetWindowRect (g_hWnd, &the_window_rect);

// mouse_x and mouse_y store the mouse coords relative to the window with 0,0 being the bottom left corner

int mouse_x = mouse_position.x - the_window_rect.left;
int mouse_y = g_height + (mouse_position.y - the_window_rect.bottom);

} // end if [associated with mouse over my app''s window]

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