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3rd Annual AI Programmer's Dinner

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The 3rd Annual AI Programmer''s Dinner will be held at 7pm, on Sunday, March 12th, the last night of the Game Developers Conference 2000 in San Jose, running from March 8th to the 12th. Last year''s dinner had 36 attendees (pictures at The dinner site has yet to be confirmed, but it will be by dinner time. This is a self-funded gathering of AI programmers involved with the development of computer game AI, and is intended to be an informal opportunity to gather and meet your fellow game AI programmers, and to discuss computer game AI development issues in an informal setting. The cost will be about $30 USD per person and the dinner will last 3-4 hours. If you wish to attend, you MUST give a business card to either Steve Woodcock or Neil Kirby or myself (Eric Dybsand) during the GDC 2000 conference. We are all moderating AI Roundtables and we will be easy to find. We MUST have your business card BEFORE the dinner so that we can give a "head count" to the restaurant, and so you can attend. If you are interested in computer game AI or do it for a living, then we hope you will attend this great event. Regards, Eric

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