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3D Game Engine

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I''ve like to develop a 3D game engine using DirectX IM myself. What portions do I need to write an engine? Does anyone give me some tips or resources? Thanks mail:ducquyet@inter-soft.com.vn

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What portions? The first thing you have to figure out is why you want to write the engine. What is it going to be used for. Those questions are going to shape the way you design it. Right now I''m working on an engine for a space strategy game (no.. not an RTS.. bleh! Been one too many of those down the pipe in the past 5 years...) and that effects what I include in the engine and how I design the coding structures behind it.

Do I need to worry about buildings in a space game? nope... :: chucks all level organizing concepts such as bsp trees, portal engines, and octrees into the waste bin ::

Do I want the models to look really kick ass when you zoom in? Do I want the user to be able to scroll through lists of ship designs and fleet lists where there will be fairly good sized versions of the models on the screen? Yes? Ok.. then let''s throw in per pixel diffuse lighting... maybe some specular if we can afford the extra pass... shadow volumes...

do I need planets that can be created dynamically?
do I to worry about large ammounts of model overdraw? (in a space game unlikely,)
how is my interface going to interact with the 3d engine (interact and make use of to be more precise) ?

and so forth and so forth.

You need to decide EXACTLY what you want to do, and why, and then you need to research the theory to answer the questions and the methods to accomplish the answers. Making a game engine is a fairly large undertaking, and the 3d portion is substantial of itself. There''s no easy answer, and there''s no recipe book. What there is, is techniques an technology that you can incorporate if appropriate, and discard if irrelevant. Or you can come up with your own techniques.

Look at the tutorials at gamedev... go over to www.gamasutra.com and read their vast library of articles. developer.nvidia.com is also a good place to look. After that just do yahoo searches on the things that you want more information on.

If you don''t already know what''s required to build a 3d game engine, expect to spend allot of time reading before you ever even think of starting. I''m assuming you''re already well versed in the arts of programming :o, cause if you aren''t games are not the place to start.

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Download the OGRE engine and look into the docs and the sources.
When you finish, look for the auran jet engine www.auran.com/jet/ (not sure) and do the same.
Try some another engine out of here, and you will understand want you need and begin to planing your design.

When you have a good idea of what you want to do, you can code.


Jester, studient programmer
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The basic engine controls everything in the world.

You need to have input mechanisms, display mechanisms, sound mechanisms as the basis. Many other have much more stuff in them. Physics to control how things act in the environment. Models to animate, to apply the physics to, collision to see what happens to the objects from the physics, etc etc.

It''s a tricky business to say the least. YOu need to have structures to show how things "live" in your world... Which controls how these things act in that environment.

There''s a lot to consider, it''s simply not sticking 3d shapes on the screen. As I''m finding out!


All the best problems start with C

.:: K o s m o s E n g i n e ::.

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