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Configuring Program Behavior

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I am working on a program that prints out a bunch of different reports. The reports that need to be printed are determined by a value I am calling ''service''. Each ''service'' can be configured to print 0 or more forms through configuration stored in a database table with ''service'' as one column and ''report'' as the other column. I can look up ''service'' in the table and print out any reports that are configured for that ''service''. This works great except occasionally I also need to print out one copy of a special report that applies to several services. For example, for ServiceOne print ReportOne and ReportTwo, for ServiceTwo print ReportOne and ReportThree, and also print ReportSeven for both of the services. I am currently processing the services in order, and the combined reports for multiple services need to be printed ''near'' the same time as the normal reports. Can anyone suggest an approach to configuring these special combined reports? Thanks, Shawn When using the Windows calculator program, always remember to clear any values from memory before exiting to prevent burn-in.

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Original post by krez
just put entries in both services for the common reports. i.e. Service1 prints Reports 1, 2, & 7... Service2 prints 1, 3 & 7.

The problem is that for Service1, Reports 1 and 2 only display data for Service1. For Service2, Reports 1 and 3 only display data for Service2. However, Report 7 contains a summary for both services, and the report should only be printed once, whether there is data for Service1, Service2 or both.

Thanks for your comment. Any other thoughts?


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