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Question about GMax and Milkshape3D

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Does anyone here use GMax and Milkshape3D? Which do you think is better (from a modeling perspective). I don''t really need to be educated the 3D Studio MAX interface before I go to college or anything, because I am a programmer who just wants to have a few models in my game. The obvious answer would seem to be Milkshape3D, especially for my purposes. But if GMax is better, is there an import plugin for GMax in Milkshape3D (I''d assume there might be one). Thanks for your input! Ex.. ex.. excuse me.. excuse me... I didn''t... I didn''t get a piece of... I didn''t get a piece of cake I didn''t get a piece of cake

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I just started looking over the programs, so don''t take my word as gospel. I believe GMax is only licensed to work a particular game. In other words, you can''t use it to create content of your own outside of that game (say for example Dungeon Seige). I think there''s a Developer License, but that''s going to cost signifigantly more than MilkShape.

I think MilkShape, from what I''ve seen, probably has the most "conversion" plugins I''ve seen. It''s probably the most MOD friendly modeling tool from what I''ve read. You can easily convert from most major games to another file format.

I also found OpenFX and Blender interesting. Both are free. I think the community behind Blender is much richer, however, so finding plugins, support and tutorials seems a bit easier. OpenFX lookeda little easier to use, but might not have the long distance use Blender has.

I''m still playing with them to decide which I like.

I''m sure you''ll probably get a more informed response soon.



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