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A coulpe quick questions about Direct Draw 7

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#1 - Can I blit anything other than squares using the Blt method? #2 - Will having surface height and width powers of 2 speed up blitting?

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1. using colorkeying you can blit sprites by choosing a color to be transparent. the blit is tsill a rectangle, but the video hardware simply does not blit the color you choose as the color key.

2. not to my knowledge. do some speed tests and find out (i highly doubt it makes a difference).

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The first question has already been answered, but regarding number two:

If you have images with widths and heights in powers of two, then you could do a kinda ''blit'' with them using Direct3D (thus using 3D hardware to do so) and a quad - so that might be faster depending on how much your 3D hardware rocks. Most likely, though, is that Direct3D is too much bother to set up for the sake of a faster blit

So yes, it COULD make it faster, if you want to waste precious time initializing Direct3D 7 For something like that you''ll want to use DirectX Graphics 8 - it''s much easier and using D3DX functions, you''ll be blitting 2D with 3D hardware in no time and adding cool effects like alpha blending and proper rotation.


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