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Lighting: Getting the precalc values out

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I can place D3D lights in my scene. All looks good, but I don't need the lights to be dynamic. So, I want to extract the LIT vertex colours. How can you get the vertex colours after D3D has done it's trans/light pass? Edited by - Jonnyboy on February 26, 2002 7:32:44 AM

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Use ProcessVertices() with SOFTWARE_VERTEX_PROCESSING to perform the lighting to a destination vertex buffer in system memory. You then simply lock that buffer and copy out the diffuse colour from the transformed vertices.

That''s the exact method we used in Pac-Man: Adventures in Time for the lighting on the scenery (the characters were still dynamically lit) to enable the game to look half decent yet run on old cards.

If you have the time to implement it you could do a more sophisticated pre-lighting model - for example look at how offline lightmaps are calculated and do similar calculations per vertex instead (or even sample a lightmap to get those values and use the vertex colour instead of the lightmap on any hardware which doesn''t have enough blend power to use lightmapping!).

An important thing I wish I''d had the chance to put into Pac-Man:AIT would have been pre-calculated shadowing and other occlusion in the vertex colouring which would have added a lot (something I''d recommend anyone going down this route to add...)

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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Thanks S1CA, exactly what I wanted.

Yes I probably will expand it to a bespoke pre-calc shader at some point. It would be good to get the props to cast shadows.

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