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Hello!!! How can I print on the screen the __int 64 variable because the code like that: #include......... __int64 variable; int main() { varaible=987654321987; cout<>varaible; } but this dosen''t work.Why???? Thanx for answer and sorry for my Ugly english!!!!!!! With the best regards Sopek

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You can''t use the standard insertion and exraction operators with the ostream/istream classes because the left and right shift operators are not overloaded to display the __int64 datatype.

If you wanted to be able to do such a thing, you would have to overload the << and >> operators to something like:

ostream& operator<<( ostream& os, const __int64 value );

istream& operator>>( istream& os, __int64& variable );

The problem is that for the definition you''d probably end up having to cast the __int64 data into a datatype that already has an associated overloaded operator. Otherwise, you''ll have to do a little more code to be able to display the value using the same syntax.

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