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Starting game concepts...

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elis-cool    271
I was wondering what some good games to start with are that teach different concepts eg. pong deals with AI, collision detection, angles, vectors. Tetris deals with arrays, very basic collision detection etc. Snake is arrays, constant movement, growing chain(body of snake) etc...

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DoctorK    122
All kinds of games are useful for learning something. Look for a kind of game that doesn''t seem too hard for you, and that you think you''ll love to develop, and go do it

If you''ve already done Tetris and Pong, you could make a try to an Space Invaders clone. If you already have experience making games, I''d recommend you to try making anything more complex.

I have an article explaining the way I developed a not-so-small game two years ago in my site, more exactly in this page. It could help you see more complex games aren''t that complex, just that they take a lot more of time to do, and are nicer when you finish it

--H. Hernán Moraldo
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