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data structures

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alargeduck    122
Ive seen in some places a point data structure that is defined as the union of a float v[3] and float x, y, z;. What I mean is, the X coordinate can be accessed as either pt.x or pt.v[0], y as either pt.y or pt.v[2], and so on. The advatage ofcourse is readability, while still having the ability to use glVertex3fv and the other vector functions. Of course, it seems to be a general rule that when youre searching for something online that youve seen previously, you never find it. So I have no clue what the syntax is for the definition. I tried this: typedef struct t_point { union { struct { float x, y, z; }; float v[3]; }; } POINT; but that didnt work (I wouldnt be posting this if it did).

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TheCray    122
or even a bad one. I picked up a US$20 reference book a couple of weeks ago. It was an absolute score. I dont have it with me here, but it''s yellow and about the size of a 500page novel and it covers pretty much anything you''d ever want regarding c/c++. Brilliant stuff.

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ZGL_Sigma    122
some logical stuff : (arrays)

float v[3] ==
float* v = new float[3];

since pointers are always the size of 4, why should we refer
to a variable with the same size ???

or did I misunderstood something ?

I''m always using

float x,y,z;

because when you use arrays you have double (or more) referencing in a typedef !!!

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nadam    122
I'm using a casting operator to solve the problem.

struct V3f {
GLfloat x, y, z;

inline operator GLfloat*() {
return &x;

Makes it possible to write code like this:

V3f v;

// Access the individual elements
v.x = v.y = v.z = 0.5;

// Use it as a vector
glVertex3fv( v );

Don't know if there are any performance or compiler issues with this usage though.

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