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Liquid Darkness

networking linux

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Hey, I have a fresh install of SuSE on one computer and Redhat on the other. I want to network them. (simple enough) I have nic''s installed in both and the are both connected to a hub. I dont care about them having internet access right now, because i dont have a router and I dont want to set up a proxy. What do I do? Any advice, or links to instruction pages would be helpfull. Thanks.

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Well, run linuxconf.
It will have a section on setting up your network options.
Each of your OSs have their own setup programs, but they should also have linuxconf.

I am assuming that you have no settings yet. Once in linuxconf make your way to the network options, for network card 0 set the IP address to for the other computer se it to set the natmask to, now save and apply changes. This will automatically update your system (this doesn''t always work) and you shouldn''t have to reboot. Now have each computer try to ping it''s new address. If it fails then the network card is setup wrong. If it works then have each one ping the other, if that doesn''t work try typing this line in each one.

route add eth0 (add that to
route add eth0 (add to

Now try to ping again. IF it doesn''t work now I don''t know what to tell you.

If it does work, I still don''t know where to tell you to go from there, I have been using Samba for a few years now, but that is mostly for using Linux as a server for Windows clients. With this setup you should be able to start a Remote-X session. As for file sharing, I don''t know, I''m sure someone else does though.

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thanks thats exactly what I wanted to know.

Also, I have cable internet and with that setup, my computer automaticly gets an IP (DHCP). If I set up my other computer like you said and leave the one with internet alone, should they still be able to see each other?

I want to network them AND have internet on one.
How do I do that? (I''ll eventually buy a router)

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umm, you have a router. just use linux and ipchains (or iptables) look up ipmasq, it sohudl help a explain a lot. also you will need two nics in order to have them see each other and be on the net at the same time. or you could place the cable modem on the hub, but thats pretty moronic and unsafe. basically one nic gets its ip through dhcpcd and the other can have the nic card with an ip of the local network. then you set the other pc to use the cable modem pc as a gateway and your set (ie both are on the net, and you dont need to purchase an expensive router). you also can set ipchains to do firewall duty.

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