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Possible reasons for Invalid Param in DrawPrimitive() DX8

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I''m looking for a link or some place where there is a list of possible reasons why IDirect3DDevice8::DrawPrimitive() could return D3DERR_INVALIDCALL. I''ve gone over my code several times and if I had a list of why this could happen then I could debug it much easier. Thanks in advance. -ecko ----------------------------------------------------------- "People who usualy use the word pedantic usualy are pedantic!"-me

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Out of mind AutoReply:

1. Install the *debug* version of the Direct3D runtimes. You get the option to use the "slower, debug" runtime when installing the SDK. You can switch between the debug and the retail one in the control panel.

2. In the DirectX control panel applet, set the "Debug Output Level" slider for Direct3D to maximum.

3. Run your program inside a debugger (press F5 if you''re using MSVC).

4. When the error is returned from DirectX, look at the debug output window.

5. Tada. In there D3D explains in (almost) English *why* it returned the error! (Amongst other information and warnings]

[Jim - this might be useful in the forum FAQ...]

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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