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Q3 Map faces

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I''m a little confused over the face structure of the q3 map format. I just want the triangles to render but I can not seem to get it rigt. I do it like this.... number_of_tris = 0 for (all faces) { if (current_face.type == 1) { // type one describes triangle fans... number_of_tris += current_face.n_vertexes - 2 number_of_tris += current_face.n_meshverts - 2 } if (current_face.type == 3) { // type 3 describes unconnected triangles... number_of_tris += current_face.n_vertexes / 3 } } ... To get the indices of the mesh vertices i do something like this: ... current_face.vertex + meshverts[current_face.meshvert + i].offset ... But this does not seem to be right... anyone got any ideas? Regards! /hObbE

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Guest Anonymous Poster
actually type 1 AND 3 are discrete triangles, not triangle fans.

type 1 are planar faces (walls for instance, the normal field of the face structure can be used for further culling)
type 3 are triangle soups (mostly former mapobjects)

to be complete:
type 2 are patches (with the vertices being the control points, dimension of the patch is stored in face.patchdim[])
type 4 are meant to be flares (use the lmorigin field of the face structure as midpoint for the billboard)


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