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Pure virtual functions

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Shabadoo    131
Hi all, I added a pure virtual callback function to my window base class that gets implemented in the subclasses. I put together a subclass compiled it and ran it, when it tries to call the function it comes up with the error ''R6025 - pure virtual function call''. So.. how do i tell my program that the function really is there and i''m not trying to trick it, i have other overridden pure virtual functions and they work perfectly. Thanks Shabadoo

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siaspete    208
Where are you calling it? If it's in the constructor (or the destructor I believe) it may not work.

Here's a snip from a google search for R6025:

C Run-Time Error R6025
pure virtual function call
No object has been instantiated to handle the pure virtual function call. This error is caused by calling a virtual function in an abstract base class through a pointer that is created by a cast to the type of the derived class, but is actually a pointer to the base class. This can occur when casting from a void* to a pointer to a class when the void* was created during the construction of the base class.

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