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Matt Calabrese

Pass Me a Drink

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Matt Calabrese    122
I don't usually double post, but in this case, i think it makes sense and you'll prolly agree. Moderators -- delete this if you want, but preferably if you feel you have to, edit it as a link to the other post -- it's in the "Your Announcements" section. --- Nope, no alcohol in here -- Pass Me a Drink is the title of a song I recently composed and submitted to the Yale College Composers' Group Undergraduate Composition Competition. This is also going to be one of the songs I will use in my current project "Realtime 3D Orchestra" which is a preprocessed realtime midi visualization that allows users to walk around 3D environments and watch/ listen (3D positional audio) as music they choose is played and the appropriate instruments "play" the appropriate notes corresponding to the midi pitches (IE the corresponding keys on the piano go down in this song for each pitch in the song). I'll link to a demo of RT3DO as soon as I find more documentation on RIFF chunk storage and can get the file saving working. Contest requirements were 1 or a combination of 1 piano, 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 accoustic guitar, 1 vocal. Post feedback, please! HERE I'll post more songs there/screenshots as I progress -------------------- Matthew Calabrese Realtime 3D Orchestra: Programmer, Composer, and 3D Artist/Animator "I can see the music..." Edited by - Matt Calabrese on March 19, 2002 9:40:12 PM

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Andrew Russell    1394
Yeah, you realy shouldn''t have cross posted, but it sounds intresting, and I am feeling nice, so I''ll let it slip

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Sage13    122
I like that heh. Old school illness.




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Watch in bewilderment as he proceeds to hump the wall.

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