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Two for one deal

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lackluster    122
What the hell is that icon? Does anybody know how I can implement & write to a web browser kind of control? It'd be cool to be able to print HTML to it. Everyone here has been very helpful with my previous problems. Thanks (in advance) for the replys. {EDIT}Programming late at night can make one do weird things - like expect strcat in place of strcpy.{EDIT} Edited by - lackluster on March 20, 2002 10:21:36 AM

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RolandofGilead    100
Which string is it overwriting? It''s supposed to overwrite the first, it''s kinda the destination for the data, that''s why there''s two arguments.

More ?''s
Is OutputStatement large enough to hold what it needs to?
What was the second argument before you type casted it?
Yes, strcpy() copies, it copies the contents of the second argument and puts it into the first.
Could the two arguments be overlapping in memory somehow?
Is whatever that second argument points to null-terminated?

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