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Win32 Application

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Right, I''ve done all the DOS-based stuff, and now I wanna learn how to make proper window-based apps. I downloaded some tuts on DirectX (I also got myself DX8.1) and tried to figure out how to start making a tetris clone (or pong, or whatever I can). The problem is that none of the tuts look anything like what I''ve seen before. I can''t find ''main()'' anywhere, as it seems to be replaced by ''WinMain()'' (duh, I should have known). Besides that, none of it looks familiar. All the DX tuts I''ve found assume that I already know how to create a working Win32 app. Where do I go to learn that? I''d like to start learning on DX8.1, and not DX7 (DirectDraw). I''ve been told it''s practically the same, with extra functionality (not my words. yours). I''ve even looked for some of the DX books you guys recommended, but they don''t seem to be in stock anywhere (I''d rather hold it in my hand b4 I buy it), and only the crap ones (that you told me NEVER to get are available). Please help, as I really wanna get started, but I can''t seem to get anything to work. I''m using MS Visual C++ 6 and DX8.1. Thanks

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You should look for basic win32 application programming first, before stepping to directx. Learn to understand how to set up a simple window, then you will understand the DX-stuff, too.
Just look for win32-app-tuts on gamedev or google.

BTW, yes main() is replaced through WinMain()!

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The answer to you question is:

www.winprog.org baby!!!

oh yeah and this one:


Sorry i have no time to make an html link for you right now.Buy hey...You gotta do something yourself right?Anyway learn basic windows stuff first.Then you can move to directx.
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