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ADO paremeter object and null or non printable charcters

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Let''s say I have a pointer to char: char *someString... someString contains non printable characters such as HEX 0x20 and under,like Unit Separtors, Break, Esc etc... Now when I pass the pointer to my parameter object and execute my stored procedure, which makes an insert.... the String is not in the table or it gets cut at the first null character... This is unavoidable since my string cointains a 4 byte length header at the begining and I would like to store the entire string. // Initialize DB command parameters. cmd1Param2->Name = "@StringReceived"; cmd1Param2->Type = adVarChar; cmd1Param2->Size = bankResponseLength; cmd1Param2->Direction = adParamInput; cmd1Param2->Value = (char *)someString; cmd1->Parameters->Append(cmd1Param2); Is there a way to fix this...

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