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Finding out what's stored in a palette.

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Ok, I''m reading through a book teaching me the basics of how to program games using direct x. I''ve had two years of CS classes in C++ as well as a little I''ve learned on my own. I''ve never really programmed games other than on my TI-83 calculator in math class and those were all text-based. Anyways, the project in the first chapter of the book is how to display a 640 * 480 bitmap on the screen in 256 colors. I''ve finished the project and have been messing around with the palette, changing entries to alter what the bitmap looks like. What I want to know, is how do I find out exactly what''s stored in the palette''s entries? I thought about outputting the RGB values into a text file, firing up MS Paint, and finding out the entries like that, we did the fstream/ofstream stuff in my CS classes although I can''t remember how to do it since we hardly used it and I hardly use it, and the help files for VC++ just confuse me. This, to me, would be ideal since it seems to be the most helpful, but is there another way to find out what''s stored in a palette? Any method would be helpful, I''m just curious as to what''s stored in that thing Falklian Holydawn, that which plays too much EverQuest ;p

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