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Two Questions

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Ok I am 16, and I tok a College course on C++. I got a 4.0, I know all the rules, and what a C++ proggramm is made of, BUT there is a problem, I dont know HOW to proggramm. That sounds wierd, but I understand how it looks, but not how to put it together. Someone told me to study Logic, so I went and got a Logic book, but that is very math intense. Does anybody no how to solve this. Ok, here is my other question. I am currently makeing a small, text based Adventure game (Still on paper development) I was wondering, if I put parts of my source code Up here, if someone would be willing to pick it a part and show me how to make it more efficiant. I think this would be a great help to my prob. I dont really care what you say about it, just help me to realize how to proggramm efficantly. Thank you.

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I''ll help ya out. I''m assuming you''re doing DOS programming since most introductory courses (even college ones) start you out with DOS. I''m pretty good with DOS programming (thie windows stuff is coming to me slowly but surely), so I''ll be able to ya out. Just in case I forget to keep checking this thread, e-mail your source to me. Good luck.


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dear friend
it shows that u need good moral support as well as technical support.u don''t worry...
u try to visualize the output u want to be
and try to develop algorithm sort of thing just to keep track
of things coming in ur mind.
keep thinking abt ur problem and how to implement it and
code them together.do some simple coding in c++ and get used to the OOPS concept and try to visualize everything in terms of objects ,its attributes and responsibilities.
keep practicing this will help u out...

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