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a good game engine

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hello, i''ve posting this message in the game forum too. (just for notice). i want to make a good engine for making games. So i wonder how to get a good work. First, i use C++ and OpenGL. At the begining i put some classes and get a method in it for rendering. But, it''s not the best manner i know. So i decided to do other way. Then, i thought about making a tree in order to arrange all the data needed for a renderer. So, the tree starts with a root and get branches with textures/materials and then leaves on these branches for the vertices, normals... Is that a good way ? There are better ways i know, but which ones ? Now, if i keep my tree. How to move efficiently in it ? i mean here how to change correctly of texture/materials without losing a lot of performances ? because if there are many branch that have leaves that get only few datas. This will be too huge and heavy for having a good renderer ? Then, does a good engine deform the reality of what it loads for getting more performance ? Thank you for all replies.

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