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3D Programming question

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I''ve spent most of the last year programming my games in 2d and feel I''m ready to take the plunge to a full 3d engine, my maths is very good so theres no trouble there and I''m not finding any problems, however there are some things that confuse me. I''ve bought 3D Game Engine Design and read it through many times, and downlaoded both quake sources codes, plus the code to many different engines that I manged to get my hands on, I''ve read FAQs on BSPs and so on, yet I am still confused and the basic principles on storing maps in 3D. I understand what BSPs are, that they split the level up into smaller and smaller areas and I sue this to render only what I need and detect collision only in the areas that I need and so on, but I''m at a loss on, well how I go about this all in general, I know thats very vague but I just need pointing in the right direction. Should I spend my time reading the quake code or the other engines I have until I figure it out or could someone point in the direction of some simple (relatively ) code for such things? Just so I can get some idea of what I should be aiming for!!!! I know there are some good things on the internet (I''ve spent enough time searching for them,) but the ones I''ve found seem to be lacking somewhat in contents. Thanks for your time. Ballistic Programs

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It is important that you *know* how your world looks like. If you plan indoor stuff, then the BSP is a very good candidate. It will be beaten by other (easier) approaches for outdoor scenarios.

Dont spend your time in other peoples source code until you dont have a clear design or at least a pseudocode. The source codes the major companies release are horrible (although they contain clever ideas, but these are hidden behind ugly C code).

Get a design idea of your next project (indoor/outdoor etc), then check the tutorials on these themes - and start designing+coding to get experiences

- thomas

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