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detecting memory leaks

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To enable memory-checking in VC++ add the following at the start of your main-function:

#ifndef NDEBUG
int flag = _CrtSetDbgFlag (_CRTDBG_REPORT_FLAG);
_CrtSetDbgFlag (flag);

The #ifndef NDEBUG ensures that memory-checking is only enabled when you do debug-runs.
You also need to include the crtdbg.h file.

Unfortunately, with this setup you will only be told the size of the leak and a rather inscrutable hex-code.
You can, however, add the following code to your program (before your functions):

#ifndef NDEBUG
#define new new (_NORMAL_BLOCK, __FILE__, __LINE__)

#define malloc(size) _malloc_dbg(size, _NORMAL_BLOCK, __FILE__, __LINE__)



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