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what error is this?

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error C2447: missing function header (old-style formal list?) It came from this function: int game(); { int first; cout<<"You are in a locked room full of stores for the soldiers of the base.\nWhat are you going to do?Enter a number.Enter 1 in order to try to force the door.\nEnter 2 in order to try to go through the ventilation.\nEnter 3 in order to pretend to be ill and call for the guard to check.Enter:"; cin>> first; switch(first) { case 1:cout<<"The door is made of titanium and has a really tuff lock.You don''t think you can open it.GAME OVER"; break; case 2:cout<<"Yeah that''s it you made it through the ventilation.Thank god you were on a diet before you were captured."; break; case 3:cout<<"Nope.Didn''t work.The guard understood your trick and started laughing.You must try something else.GAME OVER"; break; default:cout<<"Wrong number"; } return first; }

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