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Need some advice.. Starting out.

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To start with, I would love to make a game. I have done some work with Darkbasic, and A5. I just went to barns and noble to pick up a book on game programming, ended up buying a book on 3D Modeling. While I was there, I decided to go with Darkbasic as my language of choice, because I dont know C, C++. I do know very little VB, and a little more VB.NET. I guess I'm facing the same problem as alot of beginners. I want to jump right in! Well this seems to never be the case. That's one reason why I choose A5. Because I didnt have to learn alot before I could start creating complex levels. Not only that but I tend to give up after awhile. I get bored to easily. If I'm not alway's doing something new, to convince myself that I "can" do this, it gets boring and I loose interest. But I always find myself right back, a few months later. Ok, enough sob story eh? What I'm after is some advice. Are there any books that I can buy that will allow me to "jump right in" with out boring the hell outta me with history, so forth? I've been through all that, too many times. I want to work my way through the creation of a game. (3D) I like VB.NET and there seems to be no books on game programming with it, so how hard is it to learn C++? Will C++ .NET work with current C++ books? One last thing before this becomes a novel. What are your opinions on, Darkbasic and 3D GameStudio A5? Are there any chance's in making a REAL 3D game with them? I mean something simular to today's standards? And finaly What Good (Possibly free or cheap) 3D engines are there? I just spend my last $50 bucks on: Modeling a Charator in 3D Studio Max... And I dont think I like it. I suck at modeling. K, enough. Thanks for your time, Jester 12/32/84 Edited by - J e s t e r on March 21, 2002 11:01:10 PM

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