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[java] New Game: Heat

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Hi all, I''m new here so I hope this is in the right section. I have been working ona Java 1.4 full screen game. It is now in a playable state and thought people might like to take a look. This domain name just became live today so it might not be on everyones servers yet.

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AARRRGGG!!! Okay just a note to everyone. I just spent the last couple of hours fixing my system after installing the latest DetonatorXP drivers from nVIDIA (28.32). So here is the low down, the new drivers made my game crash almost every time. When it did come up the graphics were complete screwed up color wise. So I went back to the drivers I was using before (23.11). This fixed the color problem and got rid of the crashes.

How ever, after installing the old drivers, I immediately noticed a drastic FPS rate drop in the game. Also the frame changes were now extremly jerky. Even worse every time I moved the mouse the FPS rate dropped to almost zero. So here is the deal:

The new installation can install a program called nView Desktop Manager. This allows for window transparency, multiple desktops (like xwindows can do) and other things. The program is not good for you if you are using the full screen APIs! Once I disabled the program via the Control Panel eveything went back to normal, the game works great again.

Note that there appears to be no way to remove this program once it is installed.

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