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A question on direct 8.1 sdk

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Hi, I am a beginner with directx.I started with direct 8.1 sdk and started to get the hang of it.But my curiosity hung to me like cat. Q1)Is there is such thing as directx 8 sdk?Why did it jump to 8.1?Is there is such thing a directx etc.... Q2)We use the directx so called library to create a game.To compile our program we need the directx sdk. Why is the consumer(the one who wants to play the game)needs to install or upgrade directx in their pc?Isn''t the directx already package inside the game itself. Q3)The reason that i asked question 1 is because i bought a book on directx 7 but its totally different than 8.1.So im thinking if i bought a book for ver 8.0 would it be to much different than 8.1? MInd for such silly question,i''m a newbie!

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1) 8.1 was a slight upgrade from 8.0. 8.0 was a fairly major update from 7.0, which explains why your book is so different. If you bought a book about 8.0, it would work very well with 8.1. Compared to the 7->8 changes, the 8->9 changes will be much smaller. DX8 information will be good for awhile.

2) The user needs the DX runtime files. These are available from Microsoft and/or are included with the installation of many games (but not built into the games themselves).

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Q1) Yeah, DX7, 7.0a, 8.0, 8.1...
But, there all backwards compatible, so you can use DX7 code if
you want(mainly if you''re doing a 2d game as DX8 doesn''t have a
specific 2d interface anymore(DirectDraw)).

Q2) No...Direct X isn''t just a library. It''s an API(Application
Programming Interface). The library points to DLLs that access
the hardware. That''s why the end-user needs to have DX

Q3) Like I said, you can access lower-versions of Direct X, so
you can still use the code in the book you bought. ^_^
If you need a little more help on how to do that, just ask. ^_^

"da da da"

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I would suggest you to buy a new book on directx8(if u can afford it ) because if u try to learn directx8 via a directx7 book you will find yourself lost and confused.

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