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Im currently in my last term of a 5 year Computer Engineering Technology course at Niagara College Ontario. Since the 5 years Ive een there Ive learn''t Visual Basic, C/C++, MFC, Assembler, JAVA, Perl, SQL. Im no professional on any of these languages, but I know them pretty well. My best and favorite lang. is C/C++. No Im very into the whole programming scene. And I really want to get into the game programming for a career. Why do you suggest I do to furthur this dream. Go to University for software engineering or CS, and just program on my own right now like a SOB. I didn''t do too much game programming, I wrote advanced Tic tac toe in win32, galaga in vb using directX (did this one in highschool before I knew any other langs.) Appreciate the feedback. -=Carnage=- Let the carnage begin...

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