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Does anybody know why this is happening?

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In a 2D game I''m working I have water being drawn at the bottom of the screen. Once under the objects, then the objects are drawn, then the water is drawn again with an 128 alpha over the objects. The more you move down the more the rows of water texture get tiled. At home I have a Geforce2 Ti and I never see any problems with it. At another computer with a 3dfx Velocity 100/200 as soon as I go from drawing 3 layers, to 3 layers and a couple pixels from the next layer the frame rate drops from 75fps to 37fps instantly. I tried switching from using DrawPrimitiveUP and drawing one textured quad at a time to batching all the vertices and using DrawPrimitive to draw all the water at once but didn''t see any improvement. Does anybody know why this is happening? Also, when batching is there a way to draw multiple textured quads that aren''t connected without using 6 vertices per rectangle? Thanks.

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This is probably due to that fact that it ran out of memory on board or multi-texturing issues so welcome to the game programming world.

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