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Voxel Sprites

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I am looking for information on how I can take a 3ds Max model and convert it to a voxel sprite, and then display it. The resources I am looking for should be at the dummy level I would really like to understand this voxelization process and the display of a voxel sprite process. any help would be great Thanks Scott Watson

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there are two ways you can do this with any 3d model
Both of these were used in various Build engine games and stuff.

one is the rotate and cull method, just a bunch of screenies that are taken from different angles and then cut out (like a potato cut out) onto a voxel map.
You don''t really want to use this method now though as you don''t get much detail out of it, but it was fine back then.

the other method is just to get the 3d model and either
a) place a wall of voxels where ever a surface of the model lies.
or b) place voxels in all of the volume of the model.

if you do a) and you have a fast voxel engine you will just fill the voxel model up (make the volume solid) afterwards.
For b) you can basically just go from the lowest point of the model to the heighest. The first time it finds a surface, it starts drawing, then stops at the next one, then starts, then stops. A solid model will have an equal number of surfaces along any path.

a) and b) are the same thing in the end but just in different orders. Depending on how accurate (unaccurate) the casting is though you may end up with bits bleeding out of the model.

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