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yue feng

Common File Frameworks

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Do most of people prefer to use Microsoft Common File Frameworks? What are some significant advantages of doing that? -_- Ji

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If you meant Microsoft Foundation Classes...

MFC is a bunch of code put together to take care of things you supposedly do each time you want to write a program, like creating window and storing data in arrays. Advantages of MFC:

1. It simplifies many things related to Win32. Just compare window related code in apps that do and do not use MFC.
2. It gives you a great deal of help when debugging.
3. It has containers and things like strings so you don''t have to implement them from scratch. STL also does this, but 1) MFC has much more error checking, at least when compared to MS''s STL implementation and 2) it is more integrated with Win32/CRT code. For example, CString allows you to do printf and LoadString on it, and supports TCHARs.
4. You generally write less code and have smaller exe files.

Disadvantages of MFC:

1. It requires you to link with the MFC DLL, which is about 1MB.
2. You have to learn it.
3. It''s (a lot of) Microsoft code, if that''s important for you.
4. It''s not portable.
5. It''s slower than plain C++, but I doubt that you''ll see the difference.

I''ve seen a few games using MFC, usually a custom-build version of it. I personally use MFC everywhere I can, as each of my programs clearly benefits from it.

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