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efficient way to organize level data?

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hi, i have the following problem: i started programming my 3d engine three months ago, and now, my data structures are somewhat messed up that i have problems to keep track of my source files and to add further features to my engine... i want start again from 0 because the current project is too messy. so i need some hints how i could do it the better way. point 1: data structures. in my current engine, it was at follows:
struct object_t        //  used for all sort of objects, 

                       //  from rooms to solid objects

    int      numVerts;
    vertex_t *vertices;
    int      numFaces;
    face_t   *faces;
    int      numLightmaps;
    lightmap_t *lightmaps;

struct vertex_t {
    float    x, y, z, w, u, v;
    vec3_t   normal;
    vec3_t   color;

struct face_t {
    int     vIndices[3];
    plane_t plane;

ok this may not seem messy but this is only a short extract of the data structures. would be glad to get some answers! thanks gammastrahler

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These are useful structs and others might suggest wrapping them into different classes so you can tie some functions to them. But what I think would help would be a look at a higher level of organization in terms of creating an list class that has some functions like sorting, saving to hard-drive and loading from hard-drive. I also noted you texture vertex information as well. Texture loading is another task that needs to be sorted out.

Your best best is to sit down with different _large_ sheets of paper and decide where the data should stored and where the list-sorting+loading+saving function should be.

class Object3dList
int numVertex; // is this the right level for this information

int numObjects;
char ListFileName[30];
list <object_t> myObjectList; // I use STL here but any list type would be fine CPtrList etc.


class Object3d
int numVertex; // is this the right level for this information

char OnjectName[30];
int objectID;
list <vertex> myObjectVertexList;
list <texture> myAttachedTextures;
// maybe if some textures are shared Object3dList would be a better place for this or maybe a separate class altogether?


class Scene

I had a similar problem with a series of sprites I had to load, sort, and store. I got some clarity away from the computer by writing down the different stuff I would need and sorting it out on paper.

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