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Nehe's Lesson 6, Call CreateMapImage in Visual Basic

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I inserted below in a paragraph where rotation is updated every loop dim height as long dim width as long Call CreateMapImage form3.Picture1, Texture(), Height, Width I got an error message "Run-Time error #10 This Array is fixed or temporarily locked" I am trying to update new image into texture map in OpenGL from picture box in every loop. Any suggestion ? Waldoo

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Listen friend, I''m pretty darn sure I''m the only VB programmer on this whole damn board and for a start you need to keep the ''VB'' word quiet ok? Else you''ll get your ass grilled on here! It''s like a jungle...

*pssst* My advice is to stop using picture boxes. You got that? Good. Now off you go and look at my VB ports that dont use picture boxes, k? Oh yeah - and if you mention my name and the ''VB'' word in public I''ll slit yer throat ya hear???

*ahem* Anyway, yeah! You should be learning C++ young lad! What you doin'' playing with picture boxes in Visual Basic and all that mularky!? Stop it this moment! Learn a real language!!!

*psst* If you need any more help, mark your post with the letters ''BV'' - I''ll know what you mean!


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