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Need some help - struct padding

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I have heard sometimes the compiler will pad structures with extra blank bytes in order to optimize memory access speed and all that. That''s fine and all, except I had no idea it inserted padding BETWEEN the members in a struct. It took me hours to figure this out, of course. My code relies on the byte-order and placement of the members, so obviously this screws things up. And I''d rather not rewrite everything I do to go member-by-member-by-member (blech). The question is - how do you turn this crap off? Either compiler-wide (VC++6), or force a specific structure''s integrity? Radhil Trebors Persona Under Construction

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// save current global packing size
#pragma pack(push)

// set packing to 1 byte boundaries (i.e. no packing)
#pragma pack(1)

// some structure which needs 1 byte alignment (i.e. no padding)
struct blah
} blah;

// restore global packing size
#pragma pack(pop)

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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