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Loading fonts from file - how to change size?

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Hi, I am using the font part of "Game Tutorials" lesson 01. And I can load my texture and show it to screen etc, BUT I can't figure out how to change size, ie glScalef(blah). Anyone got any ideas? CUselessStuff::NiftyQuote(); Edited by - BauerGL on March 24, 2002 12:12:12 PM

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i don''t know which tutorial it is, but anyways..

if it is a font created from a font data. then it probably uses the function CreateFont(...), so check out msdn

HFONT CreateFont(
int nHeight, // height of font
int nWidth, // average character width
int nEscapement, // angle of escapement
int nOrientation, // base-line orientation angle
int fnWeight, // font weight
DWORD fdwItalic, // italic attribute option
DWORD fdwUnderline, // underline attribute option
DWORD fdwStrikeOut, // strikeout attribute option
DWORD fdwCharSet, // character set identifier
DWORD fdwOutputPrecision, // output precision
DWORD fdwClipPrecision, // clipping precision
DWORD fdwQuality, // output quality
DWORD fdwPitchAndFamily, // pitch and family
LPCTSTR lpszFace // typeface name

and change the height of your font. if it is a tutorial, i guess there should be a variable to set the height of the font.

if you create your font from a texture file, then depending on how you seperate each letters... change the values in your drawing a)loops or b)values for vertices and tex coords.

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Well its a "font.tga" image with all the letters in it (duh). And the image is from "GameTutorial" lesson 1, at nehe.gamedev.net. And of course I can change the text so that it becomes bigger if I want to, but then ALL text written with that font will be of the same size. What I want to do is something like this:

Print text with normal sized font

Print text that is bigger/larger
glScalef(2.0,2.0,0.0); (or something, this is what i want help with)

The question is "how do I make my fonts smaller/larger at will?"


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