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Prgrammable PDAs

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You can write programs for it using c, c++, basic and a load of other languages. there is no lack of PDA software, there are plenty of programming tools ie interpreters and compilers

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TI''s Basic language sucks, by the way (not to mention it''s God-awful slow).

The only good way to program a TI calc is with assembly language, and that makes it less useful.

Sure, it''s okay for writing math functions (which is what it is intended for), but don''t ever try TI-Basic for interactive games (although I did make a playable bomberman clone for TI-83).

I actually think PDAs are superior for their programability. Then again, they are inteded to be versatile machines, not just calculators. They''ve even got programs like Quake running decently on a PDA. Try and do that on a calculator, even the TI-89 or TI-92. It just won''t happen.

What I really want is a full-fledged math program for PDA so that I can drop my TI-89 completely. Does anyone know of a good CAS program for either PalmOS or WindowsCE?

If not, that''s a great idea for a project.


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