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Power Render Trial

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hey i was just wondering if there are any huge differences in the trial version vs the registered version (as far as features go..) as i understand it, the registered version gives you access to lots of tutorials, forums, ect and that would be good. but for the trial i wanna see if i can ''handle'' it, and if it can do what i want it to do. I''m downloading it now, so i guess i''ll figure it out.. thanks for any replies

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ah.. apparently there are alot of differences.
in other words.. guess how to use it, then when
you get frustrated, buy it and find out if it''s
suitable for your game or not

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No functionality has been removed although examples and documentation have been removed which will mean you won''t be able to visually see everything that it does until you program it yourself. Source code is removed, but I believe that has to do with supporting applications that convert files to other formats etc.

I have read on a site that if you are learning graphics / games programming and you can get a hold on this library it is one of the best API''s to use apart from Crystal Space (opensource) as it is commercial and has a host of features.

Best thing to do it try it out yourself and see how it goes. The only difference I can tell with the trial and full version is the initial popup messagebox when you start your app.

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