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GP32 "Info" A complete Faq

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Well alot of people have been asking what is the GP32 is well I thought I would let you all know with this indepth faq. So what is the GP32 GP32 is a handheld console produced by Game Park a Korean Company. However can only be found in Korea only, although can be imported for $180. The Hardware GP32 consists of: - a 32 bit RISC CPU (Samsung S3C2400X01 16/32-bit RISC microprocessor with an ARM9 core). Indications say speed is around 60mhz - Not confirmed. The CPU is designed especially for PDA''s/Web Phones. - a 3.5" reflective TFT LCD display (320 x 240 pixels - 65,536 colors - non backlit) - 512 Kbytes ROM - 8MB SDRAM - 16 bit PCM Stereo Sound. Special features are: USB port (used for GP32 <-> PC communication), and an SMC (Smart Media Card) slot. Games and other software comes on SMC''s. You can also store MP3''s. Graphics hardware This is where the GP32 is rather mediocre but still does quite a lot. It lacks 3D acceleration, sprites, multilayer screens, and no graphic acceleration. What that sounds crappy huh. However what it does have is somthing called a BITMAP Mode. Which is rather quite good. It uses the 8mb as a memory buffer in which you can DMA to the built in LCD controller interface. Some may say it is a disadvantage but I think otherwise, but it has a fast processor which will allow you to do alot of effects done with your software. SmartMedia Card Instead of cartridges, cd''s, and dvd''s the GP32 uses SMC they are small cards that are mainly used in PDA''s. They can store up to 256mb and costs start up at $20. Plus you can always delete the data and re-use them. Ok Ok enough now what about development you may ask. Well here we go. Development GamePark will release the VC++ based "amateur GP32SDK". This will allow you to write applications that are similar to the PC based demos of GP32 games GamePark release. The SDK consists of a Windows-based API somewhat similar to the API available on GP32. Later on, GamePark will release GP32 ARM SDK including an "application launcher". This will let you compile ARM-based code. The "application launcher" is program you execute on you GP32, that lets you run your own programs. GamePark planned on releasing the VC++ based "amateur GP32SDK" on february 28th, but have had to push their own deadline around one month. The company is working on a new GP32.com site, which aparently has higher priority. New scheduled release is at the end of march. Another totally different approach, somewhat more hardcore, would be to develop code using ARM / GCC tools, and encode an SMC with your unique GP32 id. There are currently no tools available to do this - a downside to this approcach is that people would be able to copy games, should the algorithm ever come out. Currently, there are western hobbyists coding for GP32 - They use primarely ARM tools, and run their code on the GeePee32 emulator. Watch this space for updates, as i will introduce a small "compiling for GP32 using GCC" section once i have enough information. Resources: IRC: EFnet - #gp32dev Mailing list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gp32dev/ Http://www.gp32dev.com http://users.skynet.be/firefly/gp32/ Http://www.lik-sang.com/ Steve did most of this faq and I put it in my own words. I hope this faq will change your mind and get all of you to develop for the GP32

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