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classe objects with unknown names till runtime

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i would like to know how i could create a class object with name that is unknown at runtime and use it effectively. Like i have a class of name Person and in the code instead of constructing it as "Person Human1" i want it to be determined upon the name that the user inputs so if the user inputs "Phill" then i want it to construct the object as "Person Phill", and also how would i make my code accept an object with a name like that when the class object is used?] or is this not possible? and if not any ideas(i don''t like the idea of sorting through objects by using their member functions to figure out if i have the right object or not)?

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No, you can't. The variable names are a source code artifact, they do not exist in the executable (i.e. at run time). Nothing prevents you from having a std::string name field in your Person class though, and get it initialised by the constructor.

class Person
std::string name;
Person( const std::string& _name )
: name( _name )
std::string name;
std::cin >> name;
Person Human1( name );


If you want to address object by name, you could always stick them in a std::map. (This is a 'brief' exposé which uses improper techniques, and is just there to goad you into reading the documentation for std::map)

std::map persons;
// should use boost::shared_ptr instead of Person* but...

Person* newPerson = new Person( "Phil" );
persons.["Phil"] = newPerson;
// should use insert() instead, but...
std::cout << persons["Phil"].age() << std::endl;
// Disadvantage of operator[] : it will create an object
// if none is found (e.g. if there is a typo in the name)
// insert and find are better, but i'm too lazy to lookup
// the proper syntax.

[edited by - Fruny on April 17, 2002 2:07:01 PM]

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