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Directsound dll ? heeeeeeelp

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I try to include directsound in a dll while i''m experienced with dx programming this is the first time I mess with dll. All is well until I call: LPDIRECTSOUND8 m_pDS; DirectSoundCreate8( NULL, &m_pDS, NULL ); //OK m_pDS->SetCooperativeLevel( hWnd, dwCoopLevel ); here it say: ''SetCooperativeLevel'' : is not a member of ''IDirectSound8'' and so on for : ''CreateSoundBuffer'' : is not a member of ''IDirectSound8'' When I browse the function I see that it look about: IDirectSound8Vtbl::CreateSoundBuffer This let me think that is a DLL problem ? How can one mix dll and directsound (for info it''s for a fs2002 gauge) Any hint appreciated Dan

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Make sure CINTERFACE is not #defined, and that your file has .cpp extension. Can you do this:

m_pDS->lpVtbl->SetCooperativeLevel( m_pDS, hWnd, dwCoopLevel );

If you can, the interfaces are expanded to their C version rather than C++ ones.

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Gee a fast reply :-) thanks for it.

gauge are plain c but i did found an old article
and this compile well:

// Create IDirectSound using the primary sound device

IDirectSound8_SetCooperativeLevel(m_pDS,NULL, DSSCL_NORMAL);
ZeroMemory( &dsbd, sizeof(DSBUFFERDESC) );
dsbd.dwSize = sizeof(DSBUFFERDESC);
dsbd.dwBufferBytes = 0;
dsbd.lpwfxFormat = NULL;
IDirectSound8_CreateSoundBuffer(m_pDS, &dsbd, &pDSBPrimary, NULL );

But even if it compile I didn't test my gauge in fs2002
I suspect this will not run without trouble.. the doc is unclear and few ressource are on net about this.

I try to follow the playsound example (mfc c++) in dx8 sample
but for example DSSCL_EXCLUSIVE doesn't seem to fit
and with DSSCL_NORMAL you cannot set the primary buffer.

Again any help appreciated if anyone got experience with this.
I know well d3d but dsound was always misterious for me (I use Fmod usually)


[edited by - dansteph on April 17, 2002 5:09:37 PM]

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It looks like you get C version of the interfaces. Can you use C++ version of other DX interfaces? Are you sure you are compiling a C++ program? Most likely you have strange project settings or global defines. Try removing all dsound-related code from your project and copy some from an app that you know compiles

m_pDS->SetCooperativeLevel( hWnd, dwCoopLevel );

[edited by - IndirectX on April 17, 2002 8:34:58 PM]

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btw, ake sure you use
extern "C" (with quotes)
before all exported function names if compiling a dll with a c++ compiler so it does not mangle the names.

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