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Text/Graphical Adventures

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In those old Sierra games, actions were done by typing. Like if you wanted to take an apple, you''d walk up to the apple, and type in "Take apple." However, with advancing technology we don''t have to use text anymore for such genres, actions can be simplified with Icons. But, I must confess, I kinda liked the text input better! =D So my question is this: What do you like better for adventure games, the type-in system, or the one with icons, like the SCUMM system, or the newwer Sierra adventures? -=Lohrno

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A nice thing about the text system is that it makes collecting clues and key items a lot less brain-dead. In most games, if you can take/manipulate something, you probably should, regardless of what reasons you could posssibly have for it. For example, in resident evil, you can take books, medallions, gems, etc...that apparantly serve no purpose, but cannot take the battle-axe off of the wall! You simply approach every surface and push the "examine" button. Due to this doctrine, I played system shock 2 with most of my inventory filled with plants.
On the other hand, a text-interface game requires some effort to figure out. Annother plus to the text system is that it supports a much more "Go anywhere, do anything" feel. Shenmue would have been a lot more fun if it had a text parser.
Of course, Icon based games are usually quite a bit less exasperating than text games. I think fallout is a very good example of a well-done icon game.
I guess what I''m trying to say here is that text games can be more fun from a realistic standpoint, but they can be hell to figure out.

Why yes, I will take the "FUSE".

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